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I am currently serving as the Process doctor.
I am a proponent of Douglas Engelbart’s vision that the aim of a computer system is to enhance human intellect, rather than substitute it, or turn humans into slaves.

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Dr. Ilia Bider

Dr. Ilia Bider (, Researcher, SE engineer and Business Analyst, is a cofounder and Director R&D of IbisSoft. He has MS in Electronic Engineering and PhD in Computer and System Sciences, and combined experience of over 30 years of research (in the fields of IS, SE, DB, and computational linguistics), and practical work (business analysis, and software design, coding, sales, and marketing) in five countries (Norway, Russia, Sweden, United Kingdom, and United States).

Dr. Bider has published over 50 research papers as well as a considerable number of articles for practitioners. His main specialty is finding research topics in his business practice, and testing research results in the business practice. Dr. Bider is an inventor of the state-oriented approach to business process modeling and control that is based on the application of the conceptual ideas of the Mathematical system theory to the realm of business processes. This approach has been successfully tested in business analysis and software application development practice of IbisSoft and its partners. Dr. Bider puts a lot of effort in bridging the gap between the academics and practitioners.

He co-founded a series of international workshops on business process modeling and support (BPMDS) where both academics and practitioners in two domains Business Development and Software Application Development meet for fruitful discussions. He frequently holds tutorials at international conferences, and he sits on the editorial board of several academic journals.