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Agile development of business processes

- easy to draw a process map
- easy to design WEB forms
- easy to run as a WEB application

iPB screenshots

Drawing a process map ...

Drawing a map Viewing a map Following a map
iPBs map designer is a graphical "drag and drop" tool. It makes it easy to create, change, add to and delete steps in your map. Viewing a map makes it easy to follow all the steps in the map. Here you can get instructions and documentation for every single step. It also shows interactively (by clicking in a step) how business rules has been applied (if any). Following a map is easy for the end-user(s). The map is used as a menu, always available to the end-user when executing (following) the map.

Adding business rules ...

 Defining business rules  Viewing business rules  Following a map
Business rules are defined with the help of a matrix where you define whether a previous step(s) should be started completed before the given one can be started To view the rules you click on a step on the map and see what colors the previous steps will get Following the rules. If you try to start a step before it is allowed by the rules, you will get an error message.

Finishing your Web application in iPB

 Designing a form  Viewing a form  Filling a form
Designing a form is easy. Just pickup field types from the right panel and move them to the cells of the matrix, then define field properties, label, etc. When viewing a map you can choose to see the form attached to a particular step via right mouse-click menu. After starting a particular step, the end-user is presented with the form to fill which will be saved as soon as he/she presses "Save"