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Agile development of business processes

- easy to draw a process map
- easy to design WEB forms
- easy to run as a WEB application

Welcome to iPB: agile development of business processes

Agile development of business processes
With iPB (interactive Process applications Builder) you do not need to follow the traditional way of developing processes. You can start directly with "manufacturing" a web application that will support your existing or new process. You can tailor this application to the needs of your organization in no time and with a modest budget. To do this, you do not need to be an expert in either the business process management or web application development.

All you need to do is:

and you will get:

A web-based application to support your process

A web-based application to support your process

A nice-looking web application that helps your colleagues/customers to run their process cases according to your map. The map serves simultaneously as an overview of the state in which a process case happens to be, guidelines for handling the case, and a menu for navigating through the step forms. All information inputted via the step-forms is stored in the built-in database and can be viewed/edited/printed at a later stage, even after the whole case has been finished.

To use iPB you do not need to install any additional software. A computer with a modern browser and an Internet connection is enough to get started. iPB is a multilingual tool, English, Russian, and Swedish are provided, any other language can be added on demand.

For more information consult iPB explained

Contact us for demonstration via Internet, best of all, having an example of a process to use for the purpose.