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Attending the BPM 2010 conference

I am attending the 8th International conference on  Business Process Management in Hoboken, NJ, US, September 13th-16th, 2010. Have three events with active engagement there:

You can access the preliminary version of the paper here: A strategy for merging social software with business process support. Preliminary slides for the presntation can be accessed from Merging social software with business process support

  • Making a demonstration of our iPB tool sometimes on Tuesday or Wednesday (14th-15th September)

The application for demonstration have got positive reviews from the reviewing commmitte, e.g.:

"The demo is well written and good to read. A major strength of the demo proposal is the detailed background description of the tool which allows the reader to get an understanding of the design considerations made when developing the tool. Another strengths of the tool is its simplicity which is fundamental for its practical acceptance. I also see merits in the fact that the tool has been built having a practical case in mind (i.e., Swedish municipality)."

You can access the preliminary versioon of demo poster  iPB - agile BPM suite with focus on operation
Script submitted for the reviewing committee is available here: iPB - a different BPM suite

Hope to see you at one of these events.