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What is BPM for dummies?

My reflections that come from a stalled discussion on the LinkedIn group: "Human Centric Business Process Management".

What "BPM for dummies" is:

  1. "BPM for dummies" is a means for an inspired person who wants to master BPM to do it without going through the cycle of formal education
  2. The most natural realization of "BPM for dummies" is a combination of a book (manual) that teaches how to complete basic BPM tasks and a software tool (or set of tools) to be used for completing these tasks.

What "BPM for dummies" is not:

  1. It is not a general introduction to BPM that teaches what BPM is but not how to do practical tasks that belong to the profession
  2. It is not just a BPM tool with a reference manual

A number of questions need clarification before one can undertake the task of creating a "BPM for dummies", like

  • what are the basic practical tasks of the profession
  • who an inspired person (the dummy) might be  (background, e.g. manager, software specialist, engineer, etc.)
  • what are requirements for a tool

Here the group went silent.