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What is business process-orientation?

As with many other terms that belong to the domain of Business Processes (BP) there is no common definition of what Business Process Orientation (BPO) is, all depends on who is using the term and in what context. Generally speaking, BPO has to do with implementation of business process ideas into practice. From the practical point of view, BP ideas can be used in two ways:

  • as a way of thinking or
  • as a way of working

BPO as a way of thinking consists of drawing process map, analyzing them, and making improvements in processes. On its own, BPO as a way of thinking does not require changing the ways of how an organization functions. People engaged in the processes may continue to work and communicate with each other in the old fashion.

The difference between BPO as a way of thinking and BPO as a way of working is analogous to the difference between Philosophy and Religion. Both of them deal with essential questions of Life, the Universe and Everything. However, while the philosophy represents a way of thinking, the religion determines a way of life. It is one thing to consider 10 commandments as a good code, it's quite another to build your life based on them.