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Agile development of business processes

- easy to draw a process map
- easy to design WEB forms
- easy to run as a WEB application

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Release of iBack

iBack is an Open Source platform for building WEB2.0 user interfaces for business IT-applications. Main charactersitics:

  • Realized as a JavaScript library that extends extjs toolkit
  • Server-independent, can be connected to an application server written in java, perl, ruby, c++, etc. on any computer running Linux, Unix, Microsoft Windows, IBM AS400, etc. All data communication between server and WEB-client is done asynchronously (Ajax) via Jason interface.
  • Can be used for development of new WEB-based applications, as well as for face lifting of the application with the old-fashioned (HTML-based) user interface. What is more, it can be used for creating WEB2.0 interface to the legacy applications written for mainframe, Unix, or NT-based computers.
  • Has all components for creating user-interface including application frame, application menu, list of business objects with filter and action controls, as well as an object view for editing and manipulating business objects.
  • Released under GNU GPL license v3, ie. the same license scheme as extjs.

Welcome to our process site

Welcome to our site about processes, a new site from IbisSoft. Here you will find information regarding processes and IT solutions we have developed for our customers. Soon you will be able to model a process of your own and build your IT support system for the process by using our toolbox iPB.

The products we are working on will be found on this site from now on and the consulting services you will find at

Please feel free to have a look around.